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Green Man altar cloth or scarve 36" x 36"
Worn as a scarf or used to decorate your altar, this cloth depicts the Greenman; the guardian of nature, father of renewal, and a figure of fertility and rebirth. 36" x 36". ONLINE ONLY

Rune Awakening Altar Cloth 36" x 36"
This Altar Cloth is composed of runes, which are themselves component pieces of the Flower of Life, whose pattern is a universal tool serving to promote gentle and sincere awakening within cosmic harmony. ONLINE ONLY

Celtic Altar or Tarot Cloth 18" X 18"
With an ornate black Celtic border jumping off of its purple background, and accenting an inner circle arrangement of further knot work, this cloth has been created to accent your altar. ONLINE ONLY

Moon Phase altar cloth 18" x 18"
Surrounded in intricate Celtic knot designs and ancient goddess symbols, the center of this deep green altar cloth portrays an intricate spiral maze encircled in the phases of the moon. ONLINE ONLY

Tree of Life altar cloth 18" x 18"
A beautiful Tree of Life altar cloth, featuring a large central Tree of Life with root & branch joined in a complex Celtic knot symbolizing the eternal cycle of life & Death, 18" x 18" 100% rayon. ONLINE ONLY

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