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Brass Inlaid Box (various designs)
These lovely wooden boxes all feature the decorative accent of a brass inlay of either a pentagram, triple moon, or triquetra symbol, varying with availability. 2 1/2" x 2" ONLINE ONLY
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Dream Catcher Wood Box 4" x 6"
A Native American theme of dream catcher across the lid of this beautifully stained box in brass inlayed hinges. Measures 4" x 6". ONLINE ONLY
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Triquetra Wooden Carved Box
Representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone, as well as body, mind and spirit, this wooden box has been carved with a Triquetra. 4” x 6” (2 7/8 x 4 7/8 interior) ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!
Tree of Life Herb Box 6" X 9" Natural
The Tree of Life herb box offers you a place to store your herbs while accenting your sacred space with the image of the Tree of Life. 6” x 9” x 2 5/8" ONLINE ONLY
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Triple Moon Herb Cupboard
Engraved with the triple moon symbol of the Goddess; this herb box is a delightful place to store your herbal mixtures and spell charms. 8” x 6” ONLINE ONLY
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Tree of Life Herb Cupboard
Inscribed with the traditional tree of life design on the top, front, and side of each piece, these wooden herbal storage boxes leave nothing to be desired. ONLINE ONLY
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Celtic Wooden Cupboard
This elegant wooden cupboard, whose patterns of Celtic knots and triquetra disguises a solid, sturdy cupboard that can contain many of your ritual components. 11” x 8” x 5” ONLINE ONLY
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