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Pinching Candle Snuffer
Helping you to extinguish your candles without the messy danger of wax being spilled or splattered, this stainless steel candle snuffer allows you to pinch out the flame of any candle's wick. ONLINE ONLY
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Brass Renaissance Candle Snuffer
Featuring a dimpled bell, this brass renaissance candle snuffer eliminates the mess and damage of blowing out your candles. ONLINE ONLY
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Long Belled Mini Brass Candle Snuffer
This brass candle snuffer is great for those who lack the space for many tools on their altar. Its extended bell also makes it easier to use with deeper candle holders. Handle 3", bell 2". ONLINE ONLY
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Wooden Handled Brass Snuffer
Fitting comfortably within your hand, this candle snuffer features a wooden handle ending in a brass bell, allowing you to safely and cleanly snuff the candles upon your altar. Brass/wood handle 13 1/2", hinged brass bell 1 3/8". ONLINE ONLY
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Long Brass Candle Snuffer
This brass candle snuffer has been crafted out of a simple arm of brass, unadorned except for the handle by its base, textured and widened for your grip. 12" handle, 2 1/2" snuffer cone. ONLINE ONLY
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