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Red Stone Tealight or Cone Incense Burner
Beautiful, simple in design, and highly functional, this red stone cone incense, or tealight burner is wonderfully suited for any home or altar space. 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" ONLINE ONLY
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Square Votive Holder
Made of frosted glass and fitting any votive candle, this square-shaped votive holder will glow with the color of your candle and your candle's flame. 2" x 2 1/4". ONLINE ONLY
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Blue Ceramic Starry Chime Candle Holder
This small ceramic chime candle holder is a wonderful piece for your space if you've ever stared up in wonder at the stars. ONLINE ONLY
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Brass Chamberstick Taper Candle Holder
This classically styled candle holder is a brass chamberstick style tapered candle holder, with a 3" diameter base and a finger loop for easy carrying from room to room. ONLINE ONLY
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Natural Salt Tealight Holder
Carved of Himalayan rock salt, this beautiful natural tealight holder portrays the beautiful natural pink coloring of Himalayan rock salt, which will light up with the warm glow of your tealight candle. ONLINE ONLY
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Universal Fluted Glass Candle Holder
Sculpted of fluted glass, this candle holder features raised pedestal design. 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” x 2 1/4” ONLINE ONLY
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Crescent Moon Chime Candle Holder
Depicting a crescent moon, this chime candle holder is a wonderful, decorative piece, great for celebrating the Goddess or simply enjoying the celestial splendor of the moon. ONLINE ONLY
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Heart Chime Candle Holder
Taking the shape of a heart, the timeless symbol for love, this chime candle holder has been exquisitely sculpted of pewter to create a fantastic decorative piece for your sacred space. ONLINE ONLY
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Shooting Star Chime Candle Holder
Perfectly sized for holding your chime candles, this candle holder takes the shape of a shooting star. Laying flat on its side. ONLINE ONLY
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Hand of Compassion Burner/Candle Holder
A silver toned metal hand lays upon a 3" x 5" base with adorned sides, Thumb holds a raised incense burner stylized after the lotus. Measures approximately 2 1/2" tall x 5" wide. ONLINE ONLY
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Brass Taper and Pillar Candle Holder
These brass fixtures feature a unique design allowing them to hold both regular tapers and small pillar candles. Excellent for CPC Crystal Journey reiki pillar candles. 5" base, holds 1 1/2" wide candle. ONLINE ONLY
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Brass Universal Candle Holder 4 1/4" Diameter
Brass Universal candle holder 4 1/4" diameter. This brass candle holder can support narrow taper candles, 1 1/2" diameter pillar candles, and any other candle under its wide, 4 5/8" diameter size. ONLINE ONLY
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