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Triple Moon Altar Cloth 18" X 18"
Bordered in Celtic knots this violet tie-dyed altar cloth features the design of the Triple Moon Goddess, representing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. ONLINE ONLY
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Celtic Altar or Tarot Cloth 18" X 18"
With an ornate black Celtic border jumping off of its purple background, and accenting an inner circle arrangement of further knot work, this cloth has been created to accent your altar. ONLINE ONLY
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Isis Sew-On Patch 3"
Beautifully embroidered 3" cloth patch to sew on to your favorite clothing or accessories. ONLINE ONLY
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Horus Sew-On Patch 3"
A beautifully embroidered 3" cloth patch that you can easily sew on to your favorite clothing or accessories. ONLINE ONLY
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Green Man Iron-On Patch 3"
The perfect accessory to adorn your favorite clothing! This patch depicts the legendary Green Man, his sage eyes wordlessly pouring wisdom into all those who meet his gaze. ONLINE ONLY
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Eye of Horus Sew-On Patch 3"
Multicolored Eye of Horus on black background with yellow edging and red pentacle beneath. Metallic gold stitching accents the Eye and pentacle as well. ONLINE ONLY
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Unicorn Iron-On Patch 3"
A beautifully embroidered cloth patch to sew on to your favorite clothing, or other accessories. ONLINE ONLY
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Wolf Sew-On Patch 3"
The background of this 3 patch depicts the moon, large and full in the background surrounded by stars. ONLINE ONLY
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Paleo Shaman Iron-On Patch 3"
Depicting one of the oldest cave paintings in Europe, this patch displays what appears to be a man within the body of an animal. ONLINE ONLY
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Purple Triquetra Tarot Cloth 36" X 36"
This purple cloth features an elegant tri-quetra design at its center, with the borders adorned with Celtic Knot work. ONLINE ONLY
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Triquetra Altar Cloth 24" X 24"
Made of heavy black cloth, this 24" x 24" altar cloth displays a silver Triquetra at its center, bordered by golden Celtic Knots. Perfect for decorating your altar or wall. ONLINE ONLY
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Greenman Altar Cloth 36" X 36"
The verdant Greenman is portrayed on this altar cloth, with swirling Celtic knot work and oak leaves at his borders, to help bring the power of nature and renewal to your altar. ONLINE ONLY
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Triquetra Altar Cloth 36" X 36"
The Triquetra is an ancient symbol with a wide variety of meanings. In modern usage, it is most often used to represent the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, or the three forms of the Goddess. ONLINE ONLY
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Om Curtain pair 22" x 72"
Celebrate the universal divine with these gauzy blue-green curtains that have been accented with a pattern of intricate Om symbols; the perfect way to dress the windows in your meditation space. ONLINE ONLY
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Celtic Tree of Life 72" x 108" Tapestry
This 72" by 108" tapestry depicts the Celtic Tree of Life in a lightly tie-dyed green on a black background. ONLINE ONLY
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Celestial Tapestry 72" x 108"
This 72" by 108" Celestial tapestry features smiling suns, moons and stars playing across its center portion; which is surrounded by a border of suns, moons and stars running around the perimeter. Hand dyed broadcloth. ONLINE ONLY
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Rune Awakening Altar Cloth 36" x 36"
This Altar Cloth is composed of runes, which are themselves component pieces of the Flower of Life, whose pattern is a universal tool serving to promote gentle and sincere awakening within cosmic harmony. ONLINE ONLY
Goddess Altar Cloth or Scarf Blue 36" x 36"
Discover the Nile Moon Goddess portrayed on this lovely cloth, which can be used as a scarf or altar cloth. It is 3' by 3' square. ONLINE ONLY
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