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Ankh Brass  2 3/8" x 4"
A celebrated mystical symbol, the ankh is the ancient symbol of eternal life. In modern times, the ankh has become a symbol of wholeness, vitality, and health to many. ONLINE ONLY
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Black Obsidian Wire Wrapped Point
Black Obsidian is a stone that will assist you in staying grounded, assist unbalanced energy, stimulate your intuition, divination, and to keep your energy clean and protected. ONLINE ONLY
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Pyrite Wire Wrapped Point
Sometimes referred to as fools gold, pyrite can be used to help manifest wealth or to hide existing money and property from others. ONLINE ONLY
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Practical Magic Mini Wand
Practical Magic Mini Wand similar to the wand in the show. ONLINE ONLY
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Chrysoprase Stud Earrings
Chrysoprase is good for general health and healing. These Reiki infused stud earrings are powerful and beautiful. 100% genuine gemstone stud earrings on silver plated posts. ONLINE ONLY
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Lava Beads 7 Chakras Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume to the black lava beads for aromatherapy you can wear. The scent will last a day or more. The chakra colored beads will help to balance your chakras.
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925 Sterling Silver Plated Heart Photo Locket Necklace
Insert a picture into this locket to keep a loved one close to your heart or add your favorite scent to an aromatherapy pad and insert into the locket for some on the go aromatherapy. Available online and in store.
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Henna Kit
Coming with all that you need to create your own henna designs, this small henna kit is the perfect way to turn your body into a work of art in celebration. ONLINE ONLY
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Brass Ankh  3 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Made of solid brass, this ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, and has come to be a symbol for wholeness, vitality, and health. ONLINE ONLY
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