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1 3/4" x 2" Triple Moon journal key chain
The tiny version of our regular journals on a key chain. Keep this perfect little journal close by so you don't forget those important thoughts. Made in India from tree free organic recycled paper. ONLINE ONLY
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Steampunk Pen With Black Amaranth Ink caligraphy Set
Steampunk metal engraved quill with black and amaranth ink bottles. This is a beautiful rich looking pen set by Lo Scarabeo. Whether you are an expert at calligraphy or just starting out this pen set is sure to impress. ONLINE ONLY
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Tree of Life Leather with Latch
Unique Tree of Life leather latch journal. Soft brown leather with a raised Tree of Life on the cover. Unlined parchment with 240 pages.
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5"X7" Thor Hammer Embossed Leather with Latch
Thors hammer strongly displayed on the cover of this leather journal. Great details surround the front and back of this light toned leather journal. Unlined with 200 pages of tree free organic recycled paper. Latch closure.
In Stock!

1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book with Latch
Hand tooled blank leather journal with unadorned cover and hand stitched edging. Sizes vary slightly. Leather, handmade paper. 240 pages, latch closure. 5 1/2” x 9”, (made from goat leather).
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5"X7" Goddess of Earth Embossed Leather with Latch
The Goddess stands with the two crescent moons on either side of her powerful figure. Unique detailing surrounding this light toned leather journal
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5"X7" Triple Moon with Stone Embossed Leather with Cord
This Triple Moon blank leather journal, is garnished with moonstone inside it's center full moon, encircled by leather woven stitching, with the embossed crescent moons on top and bottom.
In Stock!
Turtle Embossed Leather w/ Cord Journal
Let the ancient wisdom of the turtle help inspire you throughout the pages of this leather journal. ONLINE ONLY
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Egyptian Embossed Leather w/ Cord Journal
A powerful image of King Tut is surrounded by Egyptian writing and symbols on the front of this leather journal. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!
Buddha Leather Book with Latch
Powerful leather journal with a different image of Buddha on the front and back. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!

Turquoise Stone Leather Blank Book w/ Latch
Four turquoise stone embossed and stitched leather journal, 5x7 inches with metal lock. Comes with 12 pages of handmade parchment paper. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!
Lapis Stone Leather Blank Book w/ Latch
Two lapis lazuli stones embossed and stitched leather journal, 5 x 7 inches with metal lock. Comes with 120 pages of handmade linen parchment paper. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!

Faery Lined Journal by Lucy Cavendish
This deluxe illustrated journal is filled with wisdom and inspired musings and stories to guide you on your own adventures into the most wondrous land of Faerie.
In Stock!
Mermaid's Mirror Lined Journal by Lucy Cavendish
This deluxe illustrated journal is full of profound wisdom about the element of water and the energy of the mermaids. 220 pages. 44 full-page, color artwork reproductions by Lucy Cavendish to inspire your creative expression.
In Stock!

Seek Journal
Plant the seeds of your future creations with this deluxe paperback journal. 44 full-page color art reproductions by a popular artist are interspersed throughout the journal for additional inspiration. 7 x 9¼ with 220 pages
In Stock!
 Quiet Reflection journal
A travel size hardcover journal for dreams, notes, logging or journal work. Embossed artwork and metallic highlights. Comes with a place holder ribbon sewn into the binding. 160 unlined pages. 5" x 7".
In Stock!

Cat's Eye Journal
Handily fitting in a pocket or purse, the small Cat's Eye Journal is perfect for the cat lover on the go, or as a date or address book. 4" x 5"
In Stock!
5" x 7" Owl leather blank book with latch
This leather blank book, has a beautifully tooled, embossed, owl with an eight at front center.Pages of Handmade Linen Parchment Paper.
In Stock!

Celtic Tree Journal
The hardbound Celtic Tree Journal folds over itself upon its front face, sealing closed magnetically with its seam mirror the wavy trunk of the Celtic tree of life design it displays. Measures 5" x 7" 120 pages - Unlined. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!
5" x 7" God's Eye Leather Blank Book w/ Cord
Helping to create a safe place for you to store your secrets, this book is hand stitched and bound in leather, with a semi-precious stone fixed into face of the book. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!

Sacred Oak Tree Leather Blank Book w/ Cord
This makes this 5"x7" book the perfect place to pen your journal, or sketch book. Open the cover and transport yourself into a world of discovery, mysticism, and creativity with the approximately 200 pages of acid free paper within. ONLINE ONLY
In Stock!

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