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Selenite Massager 3"
3" Selenite massager 6 faceted, rounded at one end with a point on the other. A very delicate piece. ONLINE ONLY
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Amethyst Point Double Terminated 2"
This double terminated amethyst point is a wonderful addition to your crystal healing and ritual practices. Use it to help direct energy, particularly those of healing or that possess psychic properties. ONLINE ONLY
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Double Terminated Rose Quartz Point 2"
Useful within your crystal healing practice in all manner of ways, this double terminated rose quartz point is both treasured for its beauty and the subtle energy it offers. Sizes vary: approximately 2". ONLINE ONLY
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Double Terminated Citrine Point 1 1/2"
With Citrine being one of only a few stones said to never need cleansing. Indeed, it is said to disperse and otherwise transform negative energy to help create an atmosphere of positivity and peace. ONLINE ONLY
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