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With products ranging from parchment posters to bronze statues, we seek to provide you with an assortment of items to help you decorate your home and sacred space in a manner that truly allows you to express yourself and your faith. Use our posters and banners to add color and wonder to your home or celebrate the season, and you decorate your space with all of the wonderful imagery found here.
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17" Maiden, Mother, Crone wall mirror
A beautifully designed solid oval wall mirror of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, entwined within a detailed tree branch, that is wrapped with ivy, bordering the frame of the oval mirror, the fertility Mother has a chain. ONLINE ONLY
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Worry Doll Set
Worry dolls, also known as "trouble dolls" are tiny colorful dolls that you whisper your worries to before you go to bed, allowing them to do your worrying for you while you sleep. ONLINE ONLY
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Mystic Skull
Decorated with alchemical markings and mystic symbols, this realistically designed, cold cast-resin statue each uniquely sculpted into the image of a human skull. ONLINE ONLY
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3 piece Medieval Feasting set
A 3 piece eating set made from carbon steel in a medieval style suitable for use or display. 6" and comes with a holder. Set may have oil on it and in bag, used to protect it and may need to be wiped clean before displaying. ONLINE ONLY
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2" Herb Grinder
A simple tool for all your loose grinding needs. Simply add herbs to the base, replace the top and twist until the herb is as ground as you require. 2" x 1" (Sheesham Wood) ONLINE ONLY
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Three Evil Eye Wall Hanging
This tree has evil eyes covering it like fruits of blown glass eyes, plus evil eye bead and metal leaf beads. Hang any where for protection or decor. Pewter 10" ONLINE ONLY
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Angel Wings Evil Eye Wall Hanging
Bright metal angel wings 2 1/2" wide encircle a blown glass heart evil eye. Has loop to hang it from where ever you like and long royal blue tassel. Overall 10" ONLINE ONLY
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Fatima Flower Evil Eye Wall Hanging "New Design"
New Design! Some call it the Hamsa hand of Fatima. Many cultures use this hand for protection from evil. ONLINE ONLY
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Evil Eye Wall Hanging
A metal eye complete with blown glass evil eye and evil eye beads, heart eye bead, and tassel. ONLINE ONLY
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Dragon Door Knocker
A beautiful cold cast resin, hand painted dragon's head door knocker with metal knocking ring and knob. Comes with mounting plate attached. Approx. 9 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 3" ONLINE ONLY
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This sweet Buddha sits in a meditation mudra with the right hand representing enlightenment while the left is the illusionary nature of existence. ONLINE ONLY
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Praying Monk
Large heavy sweet Praying Monk with eyes closed and head bowed. Natural coloring and details will bring you a sense of peace and connection. ONLINE ONLY
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