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Brass strings of bells can be used outdoor and will have a nice tingling sound. They can be used as Welcome Feng Shui Bells, they represent protection and attract prosperity.



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White Feather 12"
Each feather varies in exact size, though each measures approximately 12" long. ONLINE ONLY
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Pink Feather 12"
Pink is a color that can aid in emotional healing and love, Each feather will vary in size but each measures approximately 12" long. ONLINE ONLY
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Green Feather 12"
Either used in smudging, trimmed down to use as a traditional ink pen, or used for any number of other purposes. ONLINE ONLY
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Black Feather 12"
This black feather can be trimmed as an old fashion ink pen or used in smudging. ONLINE ONLY
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Soapstone Triquetra Altar Tile 3"
The Triquetra is a powerful symbol of mind, body and spirit as well as the triple Goddess. ONLINE ONLY
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Silver Fairy Glitter 1 OZ
Sprinkle it around yourself, upon your table, or upon the area to be blessed to help draw upon any of these properties within your home. ONLINE ONLY
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Bronze Turky Tail Feather
Whether you`re using it for smudging, sharpening it to use as a quill pen, this turkey feather is the tool for the job. ONLINE ONLY
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Triquetra Open Cut Altar Tile 3"
Created out of silver-plated brass, this open-cut Triquetra altar tile is an elegant piece, certain to endure as you use its mystical imagery upon your altar. ONLINE ONLY
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Brass Cauldron w/ Screen Burner 2"
This small brass screen burner has been sculpted into the image of a cauldron, making it fit in perfectly with the rest of your altar tools. 2" ONLINE ONLY
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Abalone Shell and Sage
The abalone shell measures approximately 5". The white sage stick measures 3-4" long.
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White Sage Smudge Kit
Sage smudge kit containing everything you need to cleanse, clear, and protect the energy of yourself and your environment. ONLINE ONLY
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House Blessing Kit
Kit Includes: White Sage, Shell, Holy Water, Sea Salt, White Candle, Candle Holder and Instructions ONLINE ONLY
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Gold Glitter 1 lb
Particularly useful in your home involving money drawing and prosperity. ONLINE ONLY
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