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King Solomon Cards
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King Solomon Cards
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In this pioneering new deck of cards, King Solomon’s Seals and ancient symbols containing “The 72 names of God” are utilized for the first time as symbols possessing different energetic frequencies which represent different situations, approaches, characteristics and events. To keep the cards’ energies pure and untainted, a pure silk cloth is included in every set, and must be used to wrap the deck after each use. A Direct Link to the Subconscious Mind: The unique combination of mystical symbols and metaphysical art naturally augments the energy level and psychic ability of the reader. Those performing self-reading will connect intuitively to their subconscious mind (or universal wisdom, if you will), and retrieve accurate, profound information that will bring a deeper understanding of their circumstances and foreseeable outcomes. Viewing the enchanting images featured on the cards will aid in connecting spiritually to the matter of the inquiry. A detailed booklet is included in each card set that explains clearly and concisely how to work with them. Blessings for Success and Abundance This is the only set of cards that incorporates, in addition to the 36 reading cards, 4 unique cards of extraordinary value: 4 personal sacred amulets that can be kept at home or carried with you wherever you go. These charms were written in Angel’s Writing and ancient Hebrew. They will influence every aspect of their holder’s life with their blessings as long as they are kept in their possession. Their usage is similar to any other amulet, as their holder can dedicate each card to themselves by writing their name and mother’s name on their backs. (It would be worthwhile to purchase this deck of cards for these amulets alone).


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