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Light Workers Chant CD
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Light Workers Chant CD
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The Light Workers Chant seems very ancient and familiar to me. One day I was compelled to sing and chant it. I have used it over the years, to raise the vibratory rate, for cleansing and psychic self-defense. People around me began to sing and chant along with me and I kept getting requests for a recording of this. As I began to compose the background music, for the chant, the settings on the control panel mysteriously changed twice on their own. It was then that I knew that something belong me, of a divine origin, was truly at work. As I began to share the music with people around me and I kept getting the same comment over and over again, People kept saying "it sounds like angel voices in the background." The chant has served as a tool to help numerous people rid themselves of haunting in their home. One gentleman in particular came to me in a state of exhaustion. He was barely able to sleep at night due to the haunting in his house. With the Light Workers Chant playing all day and night he was finally able to sleep undisturbed throughout the night. He continues to use the chant as a soft background music all night long. Instead of calling this the Light Workers Chant he now refers to it as Lee Ann's Lullaby. The Light Workers Chant incorporates words that are found in the Lord's Prayer. These words are sung in Hebrew and they are the same words that are found in the Quabalistic Cross Prayer. ONLINE AND IN STORE

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