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The Tokens of Light
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The Tokens of Light
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A new concept combines innovative design with ancient Kabbalistic wisdom. This beautiful product contains 68 double sided coins packaged in decorative silver cloth bag and a detailed booklet. 66 coins are used for your readings, and two extra amulet coins are a gift for you for blessing and protection. Reading is done by mixing the coins in the bag and drawing one coin at a time. The elegant, high gloss box is 16.5x11.5x4 cm. According to the Kabbalah, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents a unique energetic track in the physical plane, it is a major component is everything that exists, and therefore – in your personal life. The letters represent attributes, energy currents, forces and capacities that serve humans in their daily lives. Each letter and the way it is pronounced indicate a distinctive spiritual power on which it consists. The detailed interpretation booklet gives you an explanation about the power of the 22 Hebrew letters, how they affect your life, how to use the Tokens of Light, suggested spreads, and 66 answers that correspond with the numbers appearing on the 66 tokens.


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