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The Wheel of Wisdom
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The Wheel of Wisdom
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The Wheel of Wisdom is an essential tool for decision making, guidance and prediction. It will lead you to reliable and accurate answers to questions in all walks of life: livelihood, health, relationships and success. The double-sided elegant wheel is designed to give you two sets of answers: 96 concrete answers on its front side, and additional 36 angels’ advices on its back side. The 26x26 cm elegant box contains a decorative glossy wheel, and a detailed booklet with instructions and numbered interpretations. The wheel is convenient and easy to use and at the same time incredibly powerful. Answers can be obtained by spinning the top wheel over the one that lies beneath it and reading the number that appear in the window. The way in which the user holds the wheel and manually rotates it establishes an energetic bond between the reader and the wheel that will provide the most accurate and helpful answer to the query.


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